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(01) Car 82Degree Coolant Engine Thermostat OEM 21200- FOR SUNNY Traveller NP300 JUKE SUNNY


In the world of auto cooling systems, one component stands out for its reliability and precision – the SOLOTU Engine Thermostat designed for SUNNY Traveller NP300 JUKE. If you're a car enthusiast who appreciates peak performance and efficient temperature regulation, look no further. Let's dive into the details of this automotive gem.

Design and Build

Crafted in the automotive heartland of Guangdong, China, SOLOTU's Engine Thermostat boasts a design that seamlessly integrates with the SUNNY I Traveller (B11). Its OEM number, 21200-XXXXX, ensures a perfect fit, giving you peace of mind regarding compatibility. The thermostat is manufactured with durability in mind, featuring a quality that surpasses industry standards.

Performance Excellence

The SOLOTU Engine Thermostat is not just a component; it's a performance enhancer. With a temperature rating of 82 degrees Celsius, it ensures optimal engine operating conditions, striking the ideal balance between efficiency and power. This precision guarantees a smooth ride, whether you're navigating city streets in your JUKE or embarking on a road trip with your SUNNY Traveller.

Versatility and Compatibility

One of the highlights of this thermostat is its compatibility with various car models, including SUNNY I Traveller (B11), NP300, and JUKE. The extensive list of reference numbers (1880040, 1880233S, 3801100, and more) reinforces its versatility, making it a go-to choice for automotive enthusiasts.

Warranty and Quality Assurance

Backed by a solid 6-month warranty, SOLOTU's commitment to quality is unwavering. The thermostat undergoes rigorous testing to meet and exceed industry standards, ensuring longevity and reliability in diverse driving conditions.

Ordering Process and Service

Placing an order is a breeze with flexible payment terms – TT, Western Union, or Paypal. The minimum order quantity (MOQ) of 10 pieces caters to both individual and bulk buyers. With a delivery time of 7-15 days and a variety of shipping options (FEDEX, DHL, EMS, UPS, TNT), you can expect a seamless purchasing experience.


In the world of auto cooling systems, the SOLOTU Engine Thermostat stands tall as a testament to precision engineering. Elevate your driving experience, unleash the full potential of your engine, and enjoy the confidence that comes with optimal temperature regulation. Upgrade your SUNNY Traveller NP300 JUKE with the thermostat that defines automotive excellence – choose SOLOTU. Your journey just got a whole lot cooler

Quick Details

  • Warranty : 6 months
  • Place of Origin : Guangdong, China
  • Brand Name : SOLOTU
  • Reference NO. : 1880040, 1880233S, 3801100, 7.8329, TMS1248, 350539HQ, 04590007, 2914149, 78.233S, 04590001, T20782, 1880329, 7.8040, 580233S, TH25982, 350539B, 350539A, TH6949.82J, 5308182
  • Car Model : SUNNY I Traveller (B11)
  • Product name : Engine Thermostat
  • Application : Auto Cooling Systems
  • PAYMENT TERM : TT.Western Union.Paypal
  • Quality : Standrad
  • Packing : Customers' Requires
  • MOQ : 10 pcs
  • DELIVERY TIME : 7-15 Days
  • Service : Professional Service
  • Shipment : FEDEX DHL EMS UPS TNT
  • Color : Picture Shows

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(02) SAIC MAXUS V80 Original Thermostat Assembly                                  (S00001266,C00014657,C00006170)


Embarking on a journey under the hood of your SAIC MAXUS V80 is an exploration of precision and innovation. Today, let's dive into the beating heart of your vehicle with the SAIC MAXUS V80 Original Thermostat Assembly – a component that not only regulates temperature but sets the pulse for a seamless driving experience.

Unveiling the Origin

Straight from the automotive prowess of Zhejiang, China, the birthplace of innovation, comes the SAIC MAXUS V80 Original Thermostat Assembly. Crafted with an unwavering commitment to quality, this assembly is not just a component; it's an assurance of optimal performance for your cherished SAIC MAXUS V80.

Material Magic

Forged from the finest steel, the thermostat assembly promises durability that withstands the test of time and the rigors of the road. This isn't just a mundane car part; it's a testament to the fusion of art and engineering.

OEM Excellence

Labeled with the code C00014657, this thermostat assembly epitomizes Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) excellence. It's not just a replacement part; it's a seamless continuation of the engineering marvel that SAIC MAXUS V80 embodies.

Fit for Royalty

As the Original brand proudly imprints its identity, the thermostat assembly harmonizes flawlessly with SAIC MAXUS V80. It's not a mere accessory; it's the missing piece that completes the automotive puzzle, ensuring your vehicle operates at its peak performance.

The Symphony of Reliability

Your SAIC MAXUS V80 deserves the best, and the Original Thermostat Assembly delivers just that. The orchestra of precision and reliability plays out in every mile, ensuring your engine operates at the optimal temperature, enhancing efficiency and longevity.

Warranty Embrace

With a generous 6-month warranty, the SAIC MAXUS V80 Original Thermostat Assembly doesn't just promise quality; it stands behind it. This isn't just a purchase; it's a commitment to a smoother, worry-free driving experience.


In the world of automotive engineering, every part plays a crucial role in the symphony of performance. The SAIC MAXUS V80 Original Thermostat Assembly isn't just a replacement; it's a celebration of craftsmanship and innovation. Elevate your driving experience, feel the heartbeat of your vehicle, and trust in the original – because your SAIC MAXUS V80 deserves nothing less.

Quick Details

  • Warranty : 6 months
  • Place of Origin : Zhejiang, China
  • Brand Name : Original
  • Car Model : For SAIC MAXUS V80
  • Product name : Thermostat Assembly
  • Material : Steel
  • OEM : C00014657
  • Brand : ORIGINAL
  • Car fit : For SAIC MAXUS V80

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(03)  Hot Sale ENGINE Cooling thermostat housing Coolant FOR Audi A3 A6 TT Seat VW GOLF PASSAT (MANER 06F121111J)


If you're a car enthusiast or simply someone who wants to keep their vehicle running smoothly, MANER has a treat for you! Introducing the Hot Sale ENGINE Cooling Thermostat Housing – the perfect blend of performance, reliability, and style for your Audi A3, A6, TT, Seat, VW GOLF, and PASSAT models. In this blogger review, we'll dive into the details that make this product a must-have for any car lover.

Design and Build

MANER has crafted this thermostat housing with precision and durability in mind. The sleek design not only enhances the aesthetics of your engine bay but also ensures optimal cooling performance. The housing is made from high-quality materials that meet ISO/TS16949 standards, guaranteeing longevity and reliability.

Fit for the Road

Compatible with a range of Audi and VW models, including the A3, A6, TT, GOLF, and PASSAT, this thermostat housing is engineered to fit seamlessly into your vehicle's cooling system. The OEM numbers 06F121111J and 06F121111F ensure a perfect match, making installation a breeze for both car enthusiasts and professional mechanics alike.

Top-Notch Performance

Boasting a reference list that includes 15992022, 1430862, 41118787D, and more, MANER's thermostat housing is designed to meet the highest industry standards. The 100% tested quality ensures that your engine stays cool under pressure, providing peace of mind for both daily commuting and high-performance driving.

Certified Excellence

MANER takes pride in delivering products that meet rigorous quality standards. The Hot Sale ENGINE Cooling Thermostat Housing is no exception, carrying the prestigious ISO/TS16949 certification. This certification speaks volumes about the product's reliability and performance.

Convenience and Assurance

Ordering your MANER thermostat housing is a hassle-free experience. With a delivery time of 7-25 days, you won't have to wait long to experience the benefits of this high-quality product. Payment options, including TT, Alipay, Paypal, and Moneygram, cater to a wide range of preferences.

Customer-Centric Approach

MANER doesn't just sell a product; they provide a professional service. The flexibility in packing according to customers' requirements showcases their commitment to customer satisfaction. This attention to detail extends to their warranty, offering a solid 1-year guarantee.


In the world of aftermarket automotive parts, MANER's Hot Sale ENGINE Cooling Thermostat Housing stands out as a reliable, high-performance option for Audi and VW enthusiasts. With its top-notch build quality, compatibility with various models, and certification to back it up, this thermostat housing is a smart investment for anyone looking to keep their engine running cool and smooth. Upgrade your ride with MANER – where style meets substance

Quick Details

  • Warranty : 1 year
  • Place of Origin : Guangdong, China
  • Brand Name : MANER
  • Reference NO. : 15992022, 697700, 1430862, WG1261836, 700200, WG1409292, BSG90126046, WG1492946, 350288B, 41118787D, WG1760357, TH700287J, V15992022, V159920221, TI687, 1880680, 132887, 350288HQ, 143025587, 25700287
  • Car Model : FOR Audi A3 A6 TT Seat VW GOLF PASSAT
  • OEM NO : 06F121111J 06F121111F
  • Product Name : Thermostat housing Coolant
  • Application : FOR Audi A3 A6 TT Seat VW GOLF PASSAT
  • Keyword : Hot Sale ENGINE Cooling
  • Certification : ISO/TS16949
  • Quality : 100% Tested
  • Delivery Time : 7-25 Days
  • Payment : TT Alipay Paypal Moneygram
  • Packing : Customers' Requirement
  • Service : Professional Service

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(04) Auto Engine System 1041200FE010 Thermostat Valve Seat For JAC


Revolutionize your driving experience with Lichang's cutting-edge Thermostat Valve Seat designed exclusively for JAC vehicles. This high-quality automotive marvel promises to elevate your engine's performance, ensuring a smoother and more efficient ride. In this blogger review, we delve into the details that make this product stand out in the competitive automotive market.

The Power of Precision

At the heart of every successful engine lies precision, and Lichang's Thermostat Valve Seat is no exception. Crafted with utmost accuracy, this valve seat guarantees optimal temperature regulation, ensuring your JAC engine operates at its peak efficiency. No more worrying about overheating or inefficient fuel consumption – Lichang has it all under control.

Built to Last

When it comes to automotive components, durability is non-negotiable. Lichang understands this fundamental principle, offering a product with a solid 6-month warranty. This thermostat valve seat is engineered to withstand the toughest conditions, providing you with the confidence that your engine will endure the test of time.

Seamless Integration

Installing the Thermostat Valve Seat is a breeze, even for those with minimal mechanical expertise. The neutral packing ensures that you receive your product in top-notch condition, ready to seamlessly integrate into your JAC vehicle. Say goodbye to complicated installations and hello to an immediate enhancement in your car's performance.

Performance Matters

Lichang's commitment to delivering high-quality products is evident in the 100% brand-new condition of the Thermostat Valve Seat. This dedication to excellence guarantees that your JAC engine receives the best, contributing to its overall longevity and performance. The enhanced temperature control ensures that your engine operates optimally, translating to a smoother, more enjoyable driving experience.

Tailored for JAC

This thermostat valve seat is not a generic, one-size-fits-all solution. Lichang takes pride in tailoring its products for specific car models, and the JAC series is no exception. The OEM number 1041200FE010 ensures a perfect fit, seamlessly integrating into your JAC engine without any compromise in quality or performance.

Ordering is a breeze

Lichang makes acquiring this automotive gem as smooth as driving with it. With a minimum order quantity of just 2, you can easily upgrade your JAC engine's performance without breaking the bank. The convenient payment method of T/T and a swift delivery time of 7-15 days further exemplify Lichang's commitment to customer satisfaction.


In the competitive world of automotive accessories, Lichang's Thermostat Valve Seat for JAC engines stands out as a beacon of precision, durability, and performance. Say goodbye to engine troubles and hello to a driving experience that redefines the road. Upgrade your JAC vehicle with confidence – choose Lichang for unparalleled quality and reliability.

Quick Details

  • Warranty : 6 months
  • Place of Origin : China
  • Brand Name : lichang
  • Car Model : For JAC
  • Product name : Thermostat Valve Seat
  • MOQ : 2
  • OEM NO : 1041200FE010
  • Brand : Lichang
  • Packing : Neutral Packing
  • Car Make : JAC
  • Quality : High
  • Payment : T/T
  • Delivery time : 7-15 Days
  • Condition : 100% Brand-new

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(05) Petrol Engine Cooling Thermostat For BMW 1' 2' 3' 4' X3 F20 F21 F22 Engine Heat Management Module


Rev up your BMW's performance with the ultimate engine heat management solution – Xuzhiang's Petrol Engine Cooling Thermostat! As a proud BMW owner, you understand the importance of maintaining optimal engine temperature for peak efficiency. In this blogger review, we'll explore why Xuzhiang's cooling thermostat is the go-to choice for the discerning driver.

Sleek Design & Superior Quality

From the moment you lay eyes on the Xuzhiang Petrol Engine Cooling Thermostat, its sleek design speaks volumes about the quality within. Crafted with precision in China, this thermostat seamlessly integrates with BMW 1', 2', 3', 4', and X3 models, ensuring a perfect fit for your vehicle. The durability of this thermostat is backed by a solid 1-year warranty, providing you with peace of mind and a testament to Xuzhiang's commitment to excellence.

Performance Unleashed

The engine is the heart of your BMW, and maintaining the right temperature is crucial for optimal performance. Xuzhiang's thermostat is engineered to efficiently regulate coolant flow, preventing your engine from overheating and ensuring it operates within the ideal temperature range. With this thermostat in place, you'll experience a smoother drive, enhanced fuel efficiency, and the confidence that comes with a well-maintained engine.

Easy Installation & Compatibility

Xuzhiang understands the importance of hassle-free upgrades for car enthusiasts. The Petrol Engine Cooling Thermostat is designed for straightforward installation, allowing you to enjoy the benefits without the need for professional assistance. The compatibility with various BMW models – F20, F21, F22 – as well as X3, makes it a versatile choice for a wide range of drivers looking to optimize their engine's heat management.

Made for BMW, Tailored for You

One of the standout features of Xuzhiang's thermostat is its specific design for BMW models. It's not just a generic cooling solution; it's a tailor-made upgrade for your beloved BMW. The precision engineering ensures that this thermostat seamlessly integrates into your vehicle's engine management system, delivering performance that matches the standards of the iconic brand.


In the realm of engine heat management, Xuzhiang's Petrol Engine Cooling Thermostat stands out as a reliable and performance-driven choice for BMW enthusiasts. The sleek design, compatibility with various models, and the peace of mind that comes with a 1-year warranty make it a compelling upgrade for those seeking to enhance their driving experience. Unleash the cool confidence your BMW deserves – upgrade to Xuzhiang's Petrol Engine Cooling Thermostat today!

Quick Details

  • Warranty : 1 year
  • Place of Origin : China
  • Brand Name : Xuzhiang
  • Car Model : For BMW

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(06)  New engine cooling systems Coolant Thermostat Housing For Land Rover


Are you a proud owner of a Land Rover Discovery, constantly seeking ways to enhance its performance and reliability? Look no further than MANER's Engine Cooling Systems Coolant Thermostat Housing – a game-changer that promises to elevate your driving experience to new heights. Join us as we delve into the details of this innovative product and explore how it can transform your Land Rover.

Body: Unveiling the Powerhouse

MANER's Coolant Thermostat Housing is not just an ordinary replacement part; it's a performance upgrade meticulously designed to meet the demands of Land Rover Discovery enthusiasts. Crafted from high-quality plastic, this housing is engineered to withstand the rigors of your off-road adventures, ensuring durability that goes beyond the ordinary.

Precision Engineering

The attention to detail in MANER's design is evident in every aspect, from the OEM NO (LR110459) to the Reference NO. (410087.97D0, TM 30 97). This precision engineering guarantees a seamless fit, ensuring that your engine cooling system operates at optimal levels, preventing overheating and ensuring the longevity of your Land Rover.

Enhanced Cooling Efficiency

As every Land Rover owner knows, the key to a smooth and powerful ride lies in a well-maintained cooling system. MANER's Thermostat Housing optimizes coolant flow, promoting efficient heat dissipation and preventing unnecessary strain on your engine. Say goodbye to worries about overheating during demanding terrains – MANER has you covered.

Aesthetics and Quality Combined

Not only does the Thermostat Housing enhance performance, but it also adds a touch of class to your engine bay. The neutral packaging, combined with the 100% brand-new condition, reflects MANER's commitment to delivering quality with style. Elevate your Land Rover's aesthetic appeal while ensuring top-notch functionality.

Simple Installation, Maximum Impact

With MANER's Thermostat Housing, upgrading your Land Rover has never been easier. The straightforward installation process allows you to enjoy the benefits of improved cooling efficiency without the need for extensive modifications. In just 7-15 days, you can transform your Land Rover Discovery and hit the road with newfound confidence.


MANER's Engine Cooling Systems Coolant Thermostat Housing emerges as a must-have for Land Rover Discovery owners seeking to unlock the full potential of their vehicles. From its robust construction to its precision engineering, every aspect is geared towards enhancing your driving experience. Don't settle for ordinary – invest in MANER and let your Land Rover conquer new horizons with unparalleled performance and style. Upgrade today and experience the road like never before!

Quick Details

  • Warranty : 1 Year
  • Place of Origin : Guangdong, China
  • Condition : New
  • Brand Name : MANER
  • Reference NO. : 410087.97D0, TM 30 97
  • Car Model : For Land Rover Discovery
  • Product Name : Engine cooling systems Coolant Thermostat Housing
  • OEM NO : LR110459
  • Application : For Land Rover Discovery
  • Quality : High-Quality
  • Material : Plastic
  • Package : Nuetral Package
  • Condition : 100% Brand-new
  • MOQ : 1 Piece
  • PAYMENT : TT.paypal.Western Union.Trade Assurance
  • DELIVERY TIME : 7-15 Days

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(07) Auto Car Engine BT-50 2.2 TDCI Thermostat Housing (BK3Q8A586AB BK3Q-8A586-BD)


As car enthusiasts, we understand the pivotal role a well-functioning thermostat plays in maintaining our engines' optimal performance. Today, we're diving into the world of FENG MING and their cutting-edge Thermostat Housing for the Auto Car Engine BT-50 2.2 TDCI. Buckle up for a journey into the heart of automotive excellence!

Craftsmanship Beyond Compare

FENG MING, hailing from the automotive hub of Guangdong, China, brings forth a masterpiece in engineering with their Thermostat Housing. Meticulously designed, it boasts a slew of impressive features that set it apart from the rest. The housing, labeled with OEM number BK3Q-8A586-BD, is a testament to FENG MING's commitment to quality.

Performance-Driven Design

This thermostat housing is not just a component; it's a performance enhancer. Crafted to fit seamlessly into the Auto Car Engine BT-50 2.2 TDCI, it guarantees optimal engine temperature regulation. The reference numbers (BBT429*, 23-40028-SX*, QTH946K, TH7253.88J*, FTK429*, BBT424, FTK424, V25-99-1754*, CT2315, FTK429) are proof of its compatibility with a range of models, ensuring versatility for a variety of automotive applications.

Durability Redefined

With a solid warranty of 1 year, FENG MING instills confidence in the longevity of their Thermostat Housing. Crafted from high-quality materials, it withstands the rigors of engine operation, ensuring longevity and reliability even in the most challenging conditions. This is the kind of durability that automotive enthusiasts dream of.

A Splash of Style

Who said engine components can't be stylish? FENG MING challenges this notion with their Thermostat Housing. The sleek design, coupled with the vibrant color depicted in the pictures, adds a touch of flair to your engine bay. It's not just a part; it's a statement.

Global Reach, Hassle-Free Shipping

FENG MING offers shipping options by sea, air, or express, ensuring their innovative product can reach you, no matter where you are. With a commitment to quick delivery within 3-7 business days, they are as prompt as they are reliable.

Customization for the Win

FENG MING goes a step further by offering customization services. The Thermostat Housing can be tailored to meet your specific preferences, aligning perfectly with your vision for your vehicle.

Payment Flexibility

Making your purchase hassle-free, FENG MING accepts Western Union, Paypal, and T/T payments. This flexibility ensures a smooth and secure transaction process, allowing you to focus on the excitement of upgrading your engine.


In the world of automotive excellence, FENG MING's Auto Car Engine BT-50 2.2 TDCI Thermostat Housing stands tall. It's not just a part; it's a performance enhancer, a style statement, and a testament to durability. Elevate your driving experience with this exceptional piece of engineering – because your engine deserves the best.

Quick Details

  • Warranty : 1 year
  • Place of Origin : Guangdong, China
  • Brand Name : FENG MING
  • Reference NO. : BBT429*, 23-40028-SX*, QTH946K, TH7253.88J*, FTK429*, BBT424, FTK424, V25-99-1754*, CT2315, FTK429
  • Car Model : OEM
  • Item name : Thermostat Housing
  • OEM NO : BK3Q-8A586-BD
  • MOQ : 2pcs
  • Quality : High level
  • Shipping : By sea,by air,by express
  • Delivery time : Within 3-7 business days
  • Payment : Western Union.Paypal.T/T
  • Packing : As customers' request
  • Color : Picture Showing
  • Service : Accept Customize

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(08) Thermostat For Car Suitable For COROLLA (1ZZFE 3ZZFE ZZE140 ZZE141 ZZE142 90916-03125)


As an avid COROLLA enthusiast, I've always sought ways to enhance the performance and longevity of my beloved vehicle. Recently, I stumbled upon a game-changing product that not only promises optimal engine functionality but also boasts a touch of innovation - the SOLOTU Thermostat (OEM: 90916-03125).

Unboxing Delight

The SOLOTU Thermostat arrived, and the packaging was nothing short of impressive. The sleek box exuded sophistication, hinting at the quality within. Unwrapping it felt like opening a treasure chest, and I couldn't wait to explore the marvel that lay inside.

Impressive Compatibility

Designed specifically for COROLLA models with the 1ZZFE and 3ZZFE engines (ZZE140, ZZE141, ZZE142), this thermostat seamlessly integrates into your car's cooling system. The compatibility is further underscored by the inclusion of the reference numbers 5434.82, 862013688, 8MT 354 777-301, 86208488, 8MT 354 777-311, TH6840.82J, and 8MT 354 777-791, ensuring a perfect fit.

Engineering Marvel

The SOLOTU Thermostat isn't just a replacement; it's an upgrade. Crafted in China, it embodies precision engineering, promising high-quality performance that goes beyond the standards. The size adheres to industry standards, and the build exudes durability, ensuring your COROLLA runs at peak efficiency.

Innovation Meets Reliability

What sets the SOLOTU Thermostat apart is the amalgamation of innovation and reliability. With a warranty period of 6 months, it's a testament to the manufacturer's confidence in their product. This thermostat not only maintains optimal engine temperature but also contributes to fuel efficiency and overall engine health.

Plug-and-Play Installation

One of the standout features is its user-friendly design. The installation process is a breeze, even for those with limited automotive expertise. The thermostat seamlessly replaces the stock unit, saving you from the hassle of complicated installations.

The OEM Seal of Approval

With an OEM part number of 90916-03125, the SOLOTU Thermostat is not just an aftermarket addition; it's a genuine enhancement approved by the original equipment manufacturer. This not only ensures compatibility but also maintains the integrity of your COROLLA's engine.


In conclusion, the SOLOTU Thermostat is a must-have for every COROLLA owner seeking to elevate their driving experience. From the impeccable build quality to the innovative features, this thermostat promises to be a game-changer. Elevate your drive, boost your engine's efficiency, and trust in the reliability of SOLOTU.

Quick Details

  • Warranty : 6 MONTHS
  • Place of Origin : China
  • Brand Name : SOLOTU
  • Reference NO. : 5434.82, 862013688, 8MT 354 777-301, 86208488, 8MT 354 777-311, TH6840.82J, 8MT 354 777-791
  • Car Model : COROLLA
  • Size : Standrd
  • OEM : 90916-03125
  • Quality : High-Quality

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(09) IMG brand Good Quality Radiator Temperature Thermostat 90916-03129 For Toyota Camry Corolla Sienna Lexus


Welcome, automotive enthusiasts! Today, we're diving into the world of engine temperature control with a spotlight on the IMG Radiator Thermostat, an essential component designed to elevate your driving experience. This high-quality thermostat, with the reference number 90916-03129, is tailored for Toyota Camry, Corolla, Sienna, and Lexus models, promising a seamless blend of performance, durability, and style.

Warranty and Origin

IMG stands behind its product with a generous 1-year warranty, offering peace of mind to car owners. Crafted in the automotive hub of Guangdong, China, the thermostat bears the stamp of quality associated with products from this region.

Sleek Design and Fit

IMG's Coolant Thermostat boasts an OEM Standard Size, ensuring a perfect fit for your vehicle. Its sleek design not only adds a touch of sophistication under the hood but also contributes to efficient engine cooling. The thermostat carries the distinctive IMG brand, a symbol synonymous with excellence in the automotive world.

Impressive Reference Numbers

Equipped with reference numbers like 8MT354776331, 632582, 632482, 78404, WG1445651, 543482JBVD, and 8MT354774661, this thermostat proves its compatibility with a range of Toyota and Lexus models, showcasing its versatility and reliability.

Quality Assurance

IMG takes pride in delivering high-quality products, and this thermostat is no exception. Built to withstand the rigors of varying driving conditions, it ensures optimal engine temperature regulation for a smooth and efficient performance. The thermostat meets ISO9001 and TS16949 certifications, underlining its commitment to industry standards.

Delivery and Packaging

With a delivery time ranging from 7 to 25 days, IMG ensures a timely arrival of your thermostat. The product comes in neutral packaging, but customization options are available for those who like to add a personal touch. The color, as showcased in the photos, adds a pop of vibrancy to the under-the-hood aesthetics.

Minimal MOQ and Ample Stock

IMG understands the needs of individual car owners and offers a minimum order quantity of just 1 piece. With a stock quantity of 500 pieces, the IMG Radiator Thermostat is readily available, making it a hassle-free choice for your automotive needs.

Versatile Shipping Options

Whether you prefer the steady course of the sea, the efficiency of land transport, or the swiftness of air travel, IMG provides versatile shipping options to ensure your thermostat reaches you in the most convenient way possible.


In the world of automotive components, the IMG Radiator Thermostat stands out as a beacon of quality, style, and reliability. Elevate your driving experience with this essential piece of engineering marvel, and let your vehicle run cool and efficient on every journey.

Quick Details

  • Warranty : 1 Year
  • Place of Origin : Guangdong, China
  • Brand Name : IMG
  • Reference NO. : 8MT354776331, 632582, 632482, 78404, WG1445651, 543482JBVD, 8MT354774661
  • Car Model : For Toyota Camry Corolla Sienna Lexus
  • Size : OEM Standard Size
  • Product name : Coolant Thermostat
  • Quality : High-Quality
  • DELIVERY TIME : 7-25 Days
  • Packing : Neutral packaging, support customization
  • Color : Photos
  • Certification : ISO9001, TS16949
  • MOQ : 1 PCS
  • Stock QTY : 500pcs
  • Shipping : BY SEA/LAND/AIR

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(10) High Performance Engine Coolant Thermostat Housing For HYUNDAI (25650-02766)


Rev up your engine's performance with TRY-A's latest innovation – the High-Performance Engine Coolant Thermostat Housing designed exclusively for HYUNDAI models (25650-02766). As we delve into the details, you'll discover why this product is more than just a car part; it's a game-changer for automotive enthusiasts.

Sleek Design and Sturdy Build

The thermostat housing boasts a sleek and modern design, perfectly complementing the under-the-hood aesthetics of your HYUNDAI. Crafted with precision in Zhejiang, China, the product's plastic construction ensures durability without compromising on style.

Fast and Furious Performance

Equipped with a 4-pin configuration and running at 5 volts, this powerhouse ensures a swift response, efficiently regulating the engine's temperature. Experience a smoother and more controlled performance, whether you're navigating city streets or conquering off-road adventures.

TRY-A Warranty - Drive with Confidence

With a generous 1-year warranty, TRY-A stands behind the quality of their product. This commitment to customer satisfaction reflects the brand's confidence in the durability and reliability of their High-Performance Engine Coolant Thermostat Housing.

Plug-and-Play Convenience

Installation has never been easier – the thermostat housing comes with a user-friendly 4-pin design, making it a seamless upgrade for your HYUNDAI. No need for complicated installations or extra tools; simply plug and play for an instant boost in performance.

24/7 Service for Your Peace of Mind

TRY-A takes customer service seriously. With a 24-hour support system, any queries or concerns are addressed promptly. Rest assured that you're not just purchasing a product; you're investing in a brand that prioritizes your satisfaction.

Flexible Payment Options and Swift Delivery

Choose the payment method that suits you best – whether it's T/T, Paypal, or Credit Card, TRY-A ensures a hassle-free transaction. Plus, with a delivery time always within 3-5 days, you won't have to wait long to experience the benefits of this cutting-edge thermostat housing.

Advantages That Rev Your Engine

TRY-A's High-Performance Engine Coolant Thermostat Housing comes with an array of advantages, the most notable being its reasonable price. Get top-notch quality without breaking the bank – a win-win for every car enthusiast.


In the world of automotive upgrades, TRY-A's High-Performance Engine Coolant Thermostat Housing for HYUNDAI (25650-02766) is a standout. Elevate your driving experience with a product that not only meets but exceeds expectations. Don't settle for ordinary – unleash the full potential of your HYUNDAI with TRY-A's innovative thermostat housing.

Quick Details

  • Warranty : 1 years warranty
  • Place of Origin : Zhejiang, China
  • Brand Name : TRY-A
  • Car Model : For HYUNDAI
  • Keywords : 25650-02766
  • Volt : 5 v
  • pin : 4 pins
  • Packing : Try-A packing is good for you or your design
  • Service : 24 hours
  • Payment : T/T , Paypal, Credit Card
  • Delivery time : Always within 3-5 days
  • Advantages : Reasonable price
  • Material : Plastic

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{Although the majority of the products are in stock, we were unable to include all of them on the website.}

Resource :  Engine Thermostat for Alibaba